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Read each sentence. Identify the comma error and put Add or Omit on the line to show how to correct the sentence. Then put the word in () before the error

That shiny sleek car is new
shiny add

Courtney brought a delicious ham turkey, and beef sandwiches
ham add

We bumped along on the rough pitted road
rough add

Four, sturdy chairs came today
four omit. no comma

We looked out into the still black night.
still add

Sadie loves fresh, ripe, watermelon.
ripe omit. no comma after ripe

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    All are correct.

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    A murky cold lake is not the place to swim
    murky add

    Mom asked me to buy a fresh cut-up chicken.
    fresh add

    It took Dad only ten, quick minutes to put up the shelf.
    ten omit. no comma after ten

    The gloomy overcast sky is threatening rain.
    gloomy add

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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