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9. Rewrite the first stanza of “Scott’s Goodbye” as free verse. (5 points)

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    Please keep in mind that no one here will do your assignments for you. However, if you give it a try, we'll be happy to check your work for you.

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    i don't know how to rewrite it

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    First, make sure you are clear on what free verse is:

    Then find the poem/song and isolate the first stanza.

    Rewrite it in your own words and re-post. Then we can work on the "free verse" aspect.

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    this is the first saanzer of Scott Goodbye
    we saw the months of wicked weather,
    As day to painful night did turn,
    Waiting, huddled close together
    For the frozen sun’s return.

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    this is how i put it in my own words

    Each month passed us by
    we were in endless winter
    every day was cold as ever
    and night so harsh an cruel
    we wait for the return of the
    glorious wonder,the sun

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    Nice! Very nice!!

    Two little corrections:

    ...harsh and cruel ...

    ...wonder, the sun
    [space after the comma]

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    so is this a free verse

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    You did well!!

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