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Home work help plz

a)what would be the cost of the activity in the first week

b)what would be the cost of the activity each subsequent week

Mrs ogden has heard about aqua aerobics from her sister in law. she wants to join her sister in law and her friends in classes three times a week Mrs ogden will need.

a bathing costume-$139.90

an initial assessment with physiotherapist to check suitability-$90 less the $27

transport by taxi-$11.50 each way less the 50%

to pay each aerobics session at cost of $10 less $2 discount for seniors

  • math -

    what $27? I assume some senior discount

    1st week: 139.90 + 63 + 3(.5(2*11.50) + (10-2)) = 261.40

    other weeks cost just the taxi and the lessons: 3(.5(2*11.50) + (10-2)) = 58.50

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