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what will happen to bromothymol blue indicator:
a.) after addition of HCl, how does it affects the equilibrium
b.) after addition of NaOH, hoe does it affect the equilibrium
c.) after re-addition of NaOH
Rewrite the net equation for the equilibrium? is this an exothermic reactio or endothermic reaction.
the euqation is HInd=H^+ + Ind^- pls help

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    HIn ==> H^+ + In^-

    Addition of HCl increases H^+ and shifts the equilibrium to the left.
    Addition of NaOH decreases H^+ (due t5o H^+ + OH^- ==> H2O) and shifts the equilibrium to the right.

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    is this reaction endothermic or exothermic my answer is niether of the two because no heat is absorbed or released. ist it correct?

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