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Has been
looked, watched
had looked

Are all of these in the past tense?
If they were all used in a paragraph would it still be in the same tense?
If not, which phrases/words should I change to fit the past tense?

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    Two of them are not past tense. Which are they?

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    make and have?

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    what if it was:
    After I make ...
    would it still be in the present ?
    should it be After I had made

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    Let's finish your examples:

    After I make the cookies, I will make the cake.

    After I made the cookies, I made the cake.

    Do you see the difference?

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    yes! thank you

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    No they are not. Use it in a sentence that makes it sound like it already happened. For example:

    She already make the cake.
    She already made the cake.

    See? Hope it helps!

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