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a 10 kg mass is attached to one end of a string with a lenght of 5m and whirled in a horizontal circle overheadd at a rate of 1 revolution per second what is tension in the sring

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    It is impossible of course to make that circle exactly horizontal since tan theta = g/Ac
    so we must assume that g is small or Ac is much much bigger than g. Let's see:

    Ac = v^2/R = w^2 r
    where w is omega, radians/second
    omega = 2 pi radians/second
    Ac = (2 pi)^2 (5) = 197 m/s^2
    yes, that is much bigger than g so circle is nearly horizontal
    F = m Ac = 10*197
    = 1970 Newtons in the string

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