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This is an assesment question and im really bad at these, i did the first two questions and now i am stuck.

They ask you to design a series of experiments that can be used to confirm the structure and organization of the table of relative strengths of acids and bases.

the want me to describe the experiments and list of substances i would test....

i cant find any information on even how the table was created and the only thing i can think of would be to test their conductivity i have no idea what else or how else i can test the table.

please someone help i've been working on this for 2 days i giveeeeeeee up :(

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    because i have to relate it to the table can inot use a visual experiment to test ph such as color?

    how about just test hydrogen or hydroxide in a conctration?

    am i on the right track

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    I wrote a bunch of preliminary stuff and erased it. Then I thought of measuring the pH for the weak acids. That won't work for strong acids and bases but it will for weak acids and bases.

  • chemistry -

    Acids a b c and d have ph values 1234 respectively whice one stronger acid

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