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The expression 2(8a to the 2nd power + a - 1) + 3(a + 3) is equivalent to

a) 16a to the 2nd power + 5a + 7

b) 40a to the 2nd power + 10a + 10

c) 10a to the 2nd power + 5a + 7

d) 48a to the 2nd power + 12a + 12

please help!!!!!!!

  • Math 8R - Help!!!!!!!! -

    calm down: first expand 2 (8a^2 + a -1), so we get 2*8a^2+2*a-2*1 = 16a^2+2a-2.

    Then we expand the second expression 3 (a+3) to get 3*a+ 3*3 to get 3a+9. Then we add both expressions together to get 16a^2+2a-2 + 3a+9 =?

  • Math 8R - Help!!!!!!!! -

    Post it.

  • Math 8R - Help!!!!!!!! -

    4 children share 2 fruit bars equally,so how much will each get?

    3 children share 5 chocolate bars equally,how much will each get?

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