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Calculate the amount of solute needed to make each of the solution.
225g of a 10% (m/m) K2CO3 solution

.50kg of a 18% (m/m) KOH solution

please show work thanks

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    % m/m (w/w) = grams solute/100 g solution.
    225g of 10% means you want 225 g of a 10g solute/100 g solution.

    For 225g you will need how much solute?
    10 x 225/100 = 22.5 g solute.

    You can do it another way if that makes it any clearer.
    % w/w is (grams solute/g solution)*100 = %
    (g solute/225)*100 = 10
    Solve for g solute. You should get the same answer either way.
    (g solute) = 10*225/100 = 22.5 g solute.

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