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A 0.682g sample of impure NAHco3 yielded a solid residue consisting of NAc03 and other solid with a mass of 0.467g. What was the mass percent of NAc03 in the sample.

The right 85.4%
Who help

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    You have many typos in the problem. Here is the solution with the typos corrected.
    Let x = mass NaHCO3
    and y = mass of the impurity.
    x + y = 0.682
    x(molar mass Na2CO3/2*molar mass NaHCO3) + y = 0.467
    The above two equations in two unknowns; solve for x = mass NaHCO3.

    Then %NaHCO3 = (x/0.682)*100 = 85.4%
    Note: I suppose the problem assumes that the impurity is not changed by heating; otherwise it can't be worked.

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