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ALG 2!!!

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Write an equation of a line with an undefined slope and passing through the point (-2,4).
Hint: To answer this question, consider the type of line that has an undefined slope. Then write an equation of that line using the values in the ordered pair.

  • ALG 2!!! -

    (y - 4) = m (x + 2)

    m is the undefined slope.

  • ALG 2!!! -

    on the other hand, maybe the slope is in fact undefined, meaning the line is vertical.

    In that case, the line is

    x = -2

  • ALG 2!!! -

    Steve has interpreted the problem differently, as if the line had infinite slope. I wrote an equation for all lines through the point, with an arbitrary slope m.

    The problem statement is ambiguous in my opinion.

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