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5. Which of the following explain why Momma plans the trip to Birmingham so carefully: (1 point)

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    What story is this? Who's the author? Did you read it? What are your answer choices? What is your answer?

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    yea i read it i just cant come up with the answer for this on in autor is christopher paul curtis in this is the answer

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    Well -- you answered two of my questions.

    These are your answer choices:

    A.the family is on a budget and she wants to monitor when and where they stop during the trip
    B. Momma is nervous about the Brown Bomber making it to Arkansas
    C.Momma is afraid that the children will be bored and restless during the long car ride
    D.Dad has asked her to help play records in the car

    What do YOU think the answer is?

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    i answer b cause i did some reding but it seemed to not be th right answer
    that what i thought it was cause when i red that's what it kinda said

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