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(a) what Is the density of an object that is 14% submerged when floating in water at 0 degrees Celsius? (b) what percentage of the object will be submerged if it is placed in ethanol at 0 degrees Celsius?

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    d1*V1 = d2*V2

    where d1 and V1 are the density and volume of object 1; d1 and V2 are the density and volume of the fluid

    Then V2 = 0.14*V1

    d1*V1 = d2*0.14*V1
    d1 = d2*0.14

    Look up the density of water at 0 degrees C (= d2). Solve for d1

    b) d1*V1 = d2*V2

    You know d1 from a. You can look up the the density of ethanol, d2.

    % submerged = V2/V1 = d1/d2

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