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If you had 106.35 grams of Cl, how much Na would be required to convert i all to NaCl. I worked this problem and got 41.83 grams of Na, but I'm not sure if this is correct.

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    The quick way is to use a chemical factor but that isn't taught anymore in chemistry classes. It would be
    106.35 x (atomic mass Na/atomic mass Cl) = 69.00 g Na.

    The modern, and long way around is this.
    (106.35/atomic mass Cl) = mols Cl
    Convert to mols Na by
    mols Cl x (1 mol Na/1 mol Cl)
    Convert mols Na to g Na by
    g Na = mols Na x (atomic mass Na/1 mol Na)

    Put together this becomes
    (106.35g/atomic mass Cl) x (1 mol Na/1 mol Cl) x (atomic mass Na/1 mol Na) =
    (106.35/35.45) x (1/1) x (23/1) = 69.00

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