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Draw and solve any triangles satisfying
alpha = 29 degrees
a = 7
c = 14

I realize I need to draw a non-right triangle and label the sides but I am completely confused one what to do after I draw the triangle

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    Unless you were told to do so, why must it be right-angled

    e.g. triangle ABC , were a=7, c=14 and angle A = 29°
    (assuming you are using the convention of labeling the vertices with captital letters and the sides opposite with small letters

    by Sine Law
    SinC/14 = sin29/7
    sinC = 14sin29/7 = .96961..
    angle C = 75.8°
    then angle B = 180-29-75.8 = 75.2°

    and once again:
    b/sinB = a/sinA
    b/sin75.2 = 7/sin29
    b = 13.96

    (notice the triangle is "almost" isosceles)

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