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In studies involving children, the ____ should have the final word in deciding whether they should participate.
A. Children
B. Researchers
C. Therapists
D. Parents

I think it is either B or D. I am conflicted because parents would have already agreed to letting their child participate in the study, but the researcher has to decide which child participates and which one doesn't. All together though, I don't know who should have the final word, since they are all important to have say.

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    I'm sure it's D. Presumably the researchers have chosen the children and then asked the parents for permission.

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    A Piagetian classroom emphasizes
    A. adult teaching of basic concepts with the use of repeated tests.
    B. directly rewarding children for the right answers.
    C. allowing children to independently work through difficult tasks.
    D. children’s discovery learning and direct contact with the environment

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