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The value of a car after it is purchased depreciates according to the formula v(n)=28000(0.875)^n where v(n) is the car's value in the nth year since it was purchased. How much value does it lose in its fifth year?
The answer is $2052 but I don't see how; please explain how to get all the answers and all your steps! I have a test tomorrow

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    just figure its worth after 5 years, and subtract from what it was worth after 4 years. That's how much it lost in the 5th year.

    v(5) = 28000(.875^5)
    v(4) = 28000(.875^4)

    v(4)-v(5) = 28000(.875^4 - .875^5) = 2051.64

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    Ohh! Oh my goodness, thank you! I was subtracting it from the initial value (28000) this whole time and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Thank you!!

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