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Chester and Kelsey were given a box of candy to sell. Each box of candy had 24 individual packages inside. Chester sold 1/4 of the candy in the box and Kelsey sold 3/8 of the candy in the box. Which of the following describes how to find the total number of packages That Chester and Kelsey sold together?
A.Add the two fractions together then subtract from 24
B.Add the numerators of the fractions together
C.Make equivalent fractions by finding the Least Common Denominator then add the numerators
D.Make equivalent fractions using a denominator of 24. Then add the numerators

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    None of the answer choices is complete. C is a start.

    But then to find the total number of packages they sold, you'd need to multiply the sum of the two fractions by 24.

    5/8 * 24 = 15 packages

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    Those are the only choices. But would C be correct out of all of them?

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    Yes, it's most correct. But it doesn't answer the question.

    Please check with your teacher about this faulty problem.

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    Okay, Thank you

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    You're welcome.

    We see a lot of faulty questions and answers from online schools.

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