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spade, sparkle, sparrow, special, specific, speckle, speech, spill, spirit, splash, splatter, splendid, split, spoke, spool, spouse, sprain, spring, sprinkle, spurt

Write a letter using all the spelling words. make your spelling words in capital letters. Make sure that you have all five parts of a letter.

I need a help in writing a letter by using those words for 3rd grade student

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    You write the letter using as many of your spelling words as you can. If you post your letter here, I'll be glad to help you use some of the other words.

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    Dear -----,

    1.Spade, sparkle, sparrow, special.

    2.Specific, speckle, speech, spill

    3.Spirit, splash, splatter, splendid

    4.Split, spoke, spool, spouse.

    5.Sprain, spring, sprinkle, spurt

    From, Mythreyee

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