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Write a brief response to Polonius's statement "And thus do we of wisdom and of reach... By indirections find directions out." What do you think of his method of finding out the truth about his son?

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    Do you think your teacher wants MY opinion or YOUR opinion?

  • English 4 -

    I just need an idea of an opinion cause i don't know where to start.

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    I don't think it's right to lie -- no matter what the circumstances are.


    Start by making up your own mind. Then think about the reasons for your opinion. Write a tentative thesis statement, and outline the arguments that support it.

  • English 4 -

    Iam doing a morality play of everyman and i am doing a study guide of part 2 . The question is when everyman turns to Good deeds ,she is so weak to help him. Why ? Also To whom does she send him for help? The other thing is Why does she send him there?

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