Math Algr.2

posted by Hannah

Convert to standard form (AX+BY=C)
2. 2/3y=2x-5

Convert to Slope/intercept form (y=mx+b)

I need help going through this because I am not sure if I am doing everything right and I also don't know how to use fractions. Thanks a million for all your help!

  1. Steve

    the best way to avoid fractions is to multiply through by the GCD.

    #1. y = 3/2 x + 6
    2y = 3x + 12
    -3x + 2y = 12
    3x-2y = -12

    #2. -9y-6x-18 = 0
    9y+6x+18 = 0
    9y = -6x-18
    y = -6/9 x - 18/9
    y = -2/3 x - 2

    A hood way to check is to pick a value for x, evaluate y, and see whether point satisfies the original equation.

    Now, work the others the same way, and come on back if you get stuck. But show us whatcha got.

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