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There were 40 members in a hockey club. 3/8 of them were girls. When more girls joined the club, the percentage of the number of girls increased to 75%. How many more girls had joined the club?

Some teachers attended a workshop. They were divided into Group X and Y. The ratio of the number of teachers in Group X to the number of teachers in Group Y was 2:3. All the teachers in Group X were women. The ratio of the number of women in Group Y to the number of men in Group Y was 2:7. What fraction of the teachers who attended the workshop were men?

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    3/8 of 40 = 15 girls
    (15+x)/(40+x) = 3/4, so x = 60

    check: 75/100 = 3/4
    men fraction = (7/9 y)/(x+y)
    but, x/y = 2/3, so x=2y/3
    so, men fraction = (7y/9)/(2y/3 + y) = (7y/9)/(5y/3) = 7/15

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