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any humanitarian activities that Andrew Carnegie participate??????

  • SS8R - Help!!!!!! -

  • SS8R - Help!!!!!! -

    thanks!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • SS8R - Help!!!!!! -

    You're welcome.

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    oops -- made a mistake the question asked what KIND of humanitarian activities did he participate in?

    so I have to list them

    so far I got ....

    'Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland'
    'Carnegie Institute of Technology'
    'Carnegie Institution' in Washington

    Establishing libraries throughout the United States and other English-speaking nations like New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Fiji, Canada and West Indies was a part of his affinity for the language. These libraries are known as 'Carnegie Libraries'.

    that's what I got from the info. you gave me but I'm not going to copy that paragraph above I'm going to put it in my own words.

    is there more because I want to get at least 10 and btw --- the ones I got so far, is it correct to the question???

  • SS8R - Help!!!!!! -

    You have covered all of Carnegie's humanitarian activities.

  • SS8R - Help!!!!!! -


    thanks! :)

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