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In approximately 200–350 words, using compare/contrast
strategies, discuss the benefits and/or advantages of
shopping online, rather than shopping in a store.

The Benefits of Online Shopping Rather Than Conventional Shopping

Shopping online has greater advantages than conventional shopping. Now a day, people are so busy that they do not have time to spend hours to go to the conventional stores to find what they want or need. Instead of fighting traffic and waiting in endless lines you can shop without stress. Shopping online is just a click away!

What I feel is the most important advantage to shopping online is convenience. When you shop online, you are able to shop whenever you like. Its open twenty-four hours, seven days a week for your convenience. This is useful for everyone, but especially for those who are home-bound and parents with small children. In comparison, a conventional store has fixed hours that are not always convenient for you.

Product and price go hand in hand when it comes to purchasing an item. Going online gives you the advantage to find the exact product you want and to find the best price for it. Conventional stores have limited shelf space therefore, your choice of products are limited. Also, the store may not have the exact product you want. Along with limited space, the prices are usually higher due to the store having to pay staff, overhead, rent, and utility bills. In order to try to find the best product and price in a conventional store, you will have to travel to many stores to compare product and price. This will cost you time and gas for all the traveling around you will have to do when all you needed to do is just a few simple clicks on the computer.

Savings is another reason to shop online. How many times have you wandered through a conventional store to purchase only one item and by the end, you have purchased several items that you never intended to buy? I know I have, and I never seem to have a coupon for that item. When you shop online, you will avoid impulse buying therefore, saving you money. All you have to do is use your favorite search engine to find the exact item you want, click, buy and you’re done. Many websites offer online coupons and free shipping which will add to your savings.

In the end, people are shopping online for the simple reason of convenience. Stress free shopping any time, day or night. Most conventional stores have realized this and have created their own websites to retain their customers. And that’s just one more advantage to shopping online.

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