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What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence?

1. (Headed by a senior), the group drew up rules for School Spirit Week. - nominative absolute
2. My most valuable coin, (one from Spain), is worth more than $100.00. - prepositional phrase with a gerund
3. By mistake I opened a package (addressed to my sister)- past participial phrase
4. Houses should be designed (to take advantage of the sun's heat). - past participial phrase
5. The (weather remaining turbulent), we will postpone our canoe trip. - prepositional phrase with a gerund
6. Put the sizes on the uniforms (while sorting them out). - elliptical clause
7. (Although her personality had not changed at all), Megan looked quite different. - past participial phrase
8. We walked along the mountain path (looking for unusual flowers). - nominative absolute
9. The hero falls in love with a countess (is very beautiful). - Adjective Clause
10. (By serving as a popcorn vendor), Don saw many good games. - prepositional phrase with a gerund
Can you help me with the ones I have wrong and right. THANKS!

  • English -

    3 and 10 are correct.

    I urge you to restudy your assignment to find at least some additional corrections.

  • English -

    2. Appositive
    4. Infinitive Phrase
    8. Present Participle Phrase

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