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john who lives at 35 degrees north and 120 degrees west regularly calls Geroge his business partnet at 2pm (John's local time) every day during July last year. George regularly recevied the calls at 10 pm ( his local time). throughout the month, George reported that the maximum diurnal temperature in his station (location) was never below 75 degrees F and the minimum dirunal temperature never below 70 degrees F.

a. on what longitude was George located in July?

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    Since there are 24 hours in 360°, each 1-hour time zone spans 15° of longitude.

    George is 8 hours east of John, or 120° east of 120° west: 0°.

    Not sure what the temperature has to do with it, but I'm sure that somewhere within 7.5° of the Greenwich Meridian you'll find those values.

    Seems like a rather vague question to pose.

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