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what is the solution
could someone please explain

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    I think you will find that if you mean


    there is no solution. The graph has a horizontal asymptote at y=0, meaning it never is really 0.

    If that's not what you intended, then please clarify.

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    the possible answers are;
    1+-i sqrt 11
    -1+-i sqrt 9
    1 +- i sqrt 9
    -1 +- i sqrt 11

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    i figured it out to be 1+isqrt9

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    1. D 2isqrt7
    2. B over 4 up 2
    3. B 11-2i
    4. C 20-4i
    5. A 31+i/26
    6. B 1+isqrt9

    You're welcome

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