Capacitance (tricky)

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Two parallel plates of area 41 cm.^2 have equal but opposite charges of 2.60E-07 C. Within the dielectric material filling the space between the plates, the electric field is 5.80E+05 V./m. Find the dielectric constant of the material.

Feel like there is a huge lack of information to solve this problem, cannot find the distance separated, capacitance initially or anything of that sort

  • Capacitance (tricky) -

    C = epsilon*A/d
    epsilon = epsilonzero*K
    Q = C*V = epsilon*A*V/d
    = epsilon*41*10^-4 m^2/d
    = 2.60*10^-7 C

    E = Q/(epsilon*A)= 5.8*10^5 V/m

    You have two equations for the unknowns epsilon and d. You can get the dielectric constant K from the ratio

  • Capacitance (tricky) -

    Our textbook did not cover dielectrics very well.

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