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Richard's Plumbing Co. has rapidly grown to become a multi-state business, and it has recently acquired Mr. Plumber, a smaller company with multiple outlets located in the same states. Each of the companies has its own data network. Mr. Plumber's network connects the field offices with the databases at the main office. During its earlier expansion, Richard's Plumbing implemented a network solution that provides mobile access to the customer database for the employees who respond to customer calls. Richard's employees currently use laptops with wireless access cards with prepaid air time. With the acquisition of Mr. Plumber, Richard's wants to put all employees on one network and give them wireless access directly into the customer database. They would like to reduce the size of the equipment that employees must carry with them and eliminate the use of air cards.

list and define the requirements
create the project steps that need to be completed
identify the technology that needs to be incorporated
identify issues and security risks
explain how testing will be done to ensure that requirements are met and the wireless network is secure.

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