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If * stands for -, /stands for +, +stands for *, then which of the following is TRUE?
A) 32/14*6+40-8=44.8
B) 14*8/6+40-8=16.8
c) 32*6/14+32-8=9.9
D) 32/6*14+32-8=18.9

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    this is a stupid problem. Why confuse the issue by scrambling the operators? Now, if we were assigning the operators to some new method, such as

    let / stand for "square first operand and add the second"
    so that 3/4 = 9+4 = 13

    then there might be a point to it. Just mixing up the symbols achieves no purpose.

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    I totally agree with Steve and thought the same when I posted this reply in 2011

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