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So I really want my writing to improve. My teacher is extremely critical on people's writing. I know this is to help us but I feel incredibly stupid when she covers my paper with harsh comments. I just want her to like something in my writing. I feel like I have no potential. I'm sorry for that rant but would anyone like to offer tips. I'm in 11th grade

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    The first thing you need to do is proofread and edit your papers very carefully. Is your typo in your School Subject line indicative of your overall work?

    Hang in there, and read your teacher's "harsh remarks" carefully. Before you write your next paper, carefully follow these guidelines.

  • englsih writing tips -

    first you need to knw your vocabulary then

  • englsih writing tips -

    Thanks Ms. Sue! Haha no I promise I'm not a terrible speller. I was typing too quickly.
    I'm in AP English and she's also an author so that's probably why she's so critical. I don't know. If I write one good essay I'd be so happy! She does this to everyone's paper but, just one good comment would be so wonderful

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