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A New World to the American Revolution

Directions: IDENTIFY and give the SIGNIFICANCE of 5 of the 7 terms below. (Caveat! Be thorough! An IDENTIFICATION should answer the four criteria 1.What? 2.Where? 3.When? and 4.Results?, while the SIGNIFICANCE should state Why?)

Example: 1. Pequot War. IDENTIFICATION: The Pequot tribe was seen as a threat to Puritans because the Pequot controlled southern New England trade. To push the Indians aside, Connecticut and Massachusetts soldiers allied with the Narragansett tribe to set the main Pequot fortified village at Mystic ablaze. This resulted in a massacre of 500 Pequot lives in 1637 at Mystic, CT. SIGNIFICANCE: The Pequot War set the precedence of policy for taking Indian lands by the puritans and Americans. It set the stage for the future treatment of Indians by Americans and Puritans all the way into the 1890's to the Battle at Wounded Knee.

Choose 5 of the terms below:
2. The Columbian Exchange
3. The Jumonville Incident
4. Fort William Henry
5. Northwest Ordinances
6. The Proclamation of 1763
7. Great Awakening
8. Salem Witchcraft Trial


    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?


    Ms. Sue. Sorry this is my first time posting on this website. I posted the full question to avoid confusion. Let me clarify. My teacher stated that the identifications of these terms would be easy to find in our textbook or on the internet. He then stated that the significance would not be as easy to discover and would requite extra insight. I have already written down all identifications and what I believe their significance to be. I typed my first term, Pequot War, as an example. I was posting my question here to see the opinion of others. Anything can help. Thank you.


    Welcome to Jiskha, Samantha! :-)

    Which five terms have you identified? What significance do you think they each have?

    I'll be glad to critique your response and add to it if I can.

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