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What kind of formula do i use to find out the cheapest rate to use for the car rental?
Mr. Smith wants to rent a Suv to go from home to a conference in Seattle, he expects to do 350 miles in total during this journey
There are 3 rental companies:
Hertzy Rental-Fixed rate of $58 dollars with no mileage charge
Alabo Rental-Charge $.35 cents per mile
Nifty Rental-Charge a fixed rate of $28 plus $.15 cents per mile

  • Algebra -

    charge for x miles:
    Hertz: 58
    Alabo: .35x
    Nifty: 28 + .15x

    so, for 350 miles, you get

    Hertz: 58.00
    Alabo: .35(350) = 122.50
    Nifty: 28 + .15(350) = 80.50

    I guess it's easy now to tell which is cheapest for a 350-mile rental.

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