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algebra 2

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Im not sure how to do this problem. cansomeone help. it the only problem im stuck on . .

Describe the graph by indicating the vertex, the type of line drawn, broken or solid, and the shading of the graph, above or below :


  • algebra 2 -

    I don't know what method you have learned , but this is the way I used to teach these

    first of all , simplify it

    -y + 1 > -|x+3|
    |x+3| > y-1

    x+3 > y-1 OR -x-3 > y-1
    x+4 > y OR -x - 2 > y
    y < x+4 OR y < -x - 2

    draw a dotted line for y = x+4, shade in the region below it
    draw a dotted line for y + -x + 2, and shade in the region below it

    the graph you want consists of any of the region you have shaded.
    The vertex would be the point where the two dotted lines intersect , I got (-1,3)

    just noted that what I called dotted, you called broken, no big deal.

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