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Convert 29.8 atm into torr

I did this 29.8(1/760) and got 22648 but its not going online as correct

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    When you do this type problems ALWAYS check the units to see if that works out to what you want. For example, if I do you calculation this way
    29.8 atm x (1 atm/760 torr) = the units are atm*atm/torr = (atm^2/torr) which is not what you wanted; i.e., you wanted torr as the unit. See my numbers below.
    29.8 atm x (760 torr/1 atm) = ?

    The units are atm x (torr/atm) = torr.
    If you do this you won't make the mistake of using a conversion factor wrong.

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