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1)Animal cells prefer to be in isotonic solution, while plant cells prefer to be in hypotonic solution.
Explain what this means and why it is so.

2.) In terms of Gibbs free energy, what does “unstable” mean? Also, give at least two additional ways to say that a molecule is unstable.

3.) Red algae are photosynthetic eukaryotes that contain the pigment phycoerythrin in their chloroplasts, which causes the algae to appear pink or red. Would you expect the photosynthetic action spectrum for red algae to differ from the action spectrum for green plants? If so, how?

4.) The P680 chlorophyll a molecule splits water molecules, but the P700 chlorophyll a does not. Explain why this is so.

5.)briefly explain when and why a second messenger is sometimes needed during cellular communication.

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