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Obey the divine law and tell us the truth now!

I need help translating these into Latin please

  • LATIN -

    "obey" and "tell" are the verbs, and they need to be in imperative form. Have you identified the Latin verbs you want to use for these parts of the sentence?

    "law" and "truth" are nouns that need to be in the accusative case because they are direct objects. Have you identified the Latin nouns you need to use for these parts of the sentence?

    "divine" is an adjective modifying "law" so it will either need to agree with "law" or put into some form of the possessive.

    "us" is an indirect object in this sentence; you'll need to use the dative case for this pronoun.

    "now" is an adverb -- use it as is; there are no cases for adverbs!

    Now ... use the following resources and give it a try. Let me know what you come up with.

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