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Please answer two math questions!!!

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10. From the 2010 census data, the population of Texas was about 2.5 x 107 people. Florida’s population was about 1.9 x 107. Idaho’s population was about 1.6 x 106. Which of the following statements is true?

a)Idaho has a larger population than Florida.

b)Florida has a larger population than Texas.

c)Idaho has the smallest population.

d)Florida has the largest population.

11. What is 8.57 x 10–4 in standard form?





Please help!! Need answer now!!

  • Please answer two math questions!!! -

    your numbers were probably written as
    2.5 x 10^7
    which means 2.5 x 10000000 , notice 7 zeros from 10^7
    = 25 000 000 --> 25 million

    do the same with the other numbers and you will be able to compare their sizes.

    8.57 x 10^-4
    = 8.57 x 1/10^4
    = 8.57 x 1/1000 -----> count the zeros in the denominator
    = .000857 -----> how many places to the left has the decimal moved?
    does that give you any hints for quick solutions to these kind of problems?

  • Please answer two math questions!!! -

    Thank you :)

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