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Math Please help!!

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2. Mrs. Whimsey’s class is having a pizza party. If there are 16 students and 4 pizzas cut into 8 slices, what answer choice represents the fraction of one pizza each student receives?

a) 1/3




Please help :)

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    4 pizzas
    4*8 = 32 slices
    16 students

    4 pizzas/16 students = 1/4 pizza/student

    The number of slices doesn't matter, except that it helps to cut the pizzas into a multiple of 4 slices each, so students can get 1/4 pizza each. In this case, 1/4 pizza is 2 slices each.

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    Thank you sooo much steve!!! :)

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    no problem. So, where's my pizza!?!?

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    Lol, not sure ;)

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    Thanks for the answer, I was totally confused.

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