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Monday, Mr. C stacked a display case of 80 heads of lettuce. By end of day, some were sold.

Tuesday Mr. C counted lettuce left and decided to add an equal number of lettuce (**hint - he doubled the leftovers).  At end of Tuesday, he sold the same number as Monday.

Wednesday Mr. C tripled lettuce left. He sold the same number that day too. At end of day, there were no lettuce left.

How manylettuce were sold each day?

Please help, I would appreciate guidance on this.

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    if he started with h heads of lettuce, and sold s,

    end of Monday he had h-s
    on Tuesday, he had 2(h-s) and sold s, leaving 2h-3s
    On Wednesday, he had 3(2h-3s) and sold s, leaving 0.

    6h-9s-s = 0
    6h = 10s

    So, he started out with some multiple of 10 and 6, let's say 30

    Monday: start with 5, sold 3, leaving 2
    Tuesday: start with 4, sold 3, leaving 1
    Wednesday: start with 3, sold 3.

    Or, he could have started out with

    150, so h=25, s=15
    Monday: start with 25, sold 15, leaving 10
    Tuesday: start with 20, sold 15, leaving 5
    Wednesday: start with 15, sold 15.

  • Math -

    Oops. I forgot that he started with 80.

    6*80 = 10s
    s = 48

    Start with 80, sold 48, leaving 32
    Tuesday: start with 64, sold 48, leaving 16
    Wednesday: start with 48, sold 48.

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    Thanks!This really helped

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