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a) A 2.56 balloon contains 3.66 g of gas. Find the density

b) A 45.3 g sample placed in a graduated cylinder causes the water level to rise from 25.0 mL to 41.8 mL . Find the density

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    2.56 what. L?
    b. density = mass/volume
    mass = 45.3 g
    volume = 41.8 mL - 35.0 mL = ?
    Substitute and solve for density.

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    Yeah sorry for typing wrong its 2.56 L balloon contains 3.66 g of gas.

  • Chemistry 9 -

    How do i do it?

  • Chemistry 9 -

    2.56 L x (1 mol/22.4L) = ? mols.
    mols = g/molar mass. You know mola and grams, solve for molar mass.

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    Thank you so much:-)

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