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An 76 kg construction worker sits down 2.0 m from the end of a 1440 kg steel beam to eat his lunch. The cable supporting the beam is rated at 15,000 N. Should the worker be worried? Determine the tension in the cable.

i.imgur. com/Qfhkd. gif

I can't figure it out.. I know I need to use tension sin 30, multiply it by the total distance and set it equal to the tension of the worker and beam but I can't get it right.. any help?

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    man (76*9.8)N*4m = 2979 N*m
    Beam (1440*9.8)N*3m= 42336 N*m
    Total torque 2979+42336= 45315 N*m
    6m sin(30)=3m
    He should back up some

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