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5th grade math

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cam had 35 more coins than kip. She gave he share to kip who divided all the coins equally into 3 stacks. If each stack has 45 coins,how many coins did cam have at first?

My answer is 85, am i right if i am right please show me how you got the answer?

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    You're right.

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    I need you to answer one more question that i do not know the answer to every single time.

    Nan bought 10 plates and 5 mugs. Each mug cost 1/3 the price of each plate.If she paid $450 and received $30 in change, how much did each mug cost? Please show you you got the answer.

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    I found the answer by trial and error.

    10 plates * $36 each = $360

    5 mugs * $12 each = $60

    360 + 60 + 30 = $450

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    sorry to bother you again but i forgot to ask you one more question. i hope you don't mind.

    Rosa and Marty had the same amount of money.After Rosa spent $45 and Marty spent $117, Rosa had 4 times as much money as Marty. How much money did Rosa have at first?

    I don't know the answer to this one so can you show me how you got your answer and what's your answer? please.

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    you add 117 5 times and you will get your awser

  • 5th grade math -

    i do not know ask my friend adititi

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