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2x/3 + 1/4= x/6 - 1/2 solve for x

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    You need to bring all the x's to one side and all the numbers to the other:

    2x/3 + 1/4= x/6 - 1/2

    2x/3 - x/6 = -1/2 - 1/4

    now lets multiply both sides by 3 to get rid of the 3 in the denominator of 2x/3

    2x - 3x/6 = -3/2 - 3/4

    now 3x/6 can simply down to x/2

    2x - x/2 = -3/2 - 3/4

    now notice we still need to get rid of the 2 in the denominator of x/2, so lets multiple everything by 2

    4x - x = -6/2 - 6/4

    3x = -3 - 6/4

    Lets get a common denominator on the right side

    3x = -12/4 - 6/4
    3x = -18/4
    3x = -9/2

    divide both sides by 3

    x = -9/(2*3)
    x = -9/6
    x = -3/2 (since both 9 and 6 can be reduced by 3)

    Therefore x = -3/2

    Hope this helped!

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