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6th grade math

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a toy company manufactures miniature cars. They sell 15 miniature sports cars in a box. They sell 12 miniature trucks in a box. Mrs. Murphy wants to buy an equal number of sports cars and trucks.

What is the least number of miniature sports car she can buy?

my answer is 60 am i right if not please tell me the answer?

How many boxes of miniature sports cars should Mrs. Murphy buy if she wants the least number of cars and trucks?

my answer is 4 am i right if not please tell me the answer?

  • 6th grade math -

    60 is correct

    12 = 2*2*3
    15 = 3*5

    The smallest number with all those factors is 2*2*3*5 = 60

    4 boxes of cars is right (60/15)

  • 6th grade math -


  • 6th grade math -

    how can you evenly divide 3 large sandwiches amongst 9 people?

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