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Two blocks move along a linear path on a nearly frictionless air track. One block, of mass 0.107 kg, initially moves to the right at a speed of 4.70 m/s, while the second block, of mass 0.214 kg, is initially to the left of the first block and moving to the right at 6.80 m/s. Find the final velocities of the blocks, assuming the collision is elastic.
a.) Velocity of the 0.107 kg block= ?
b.) Velocity of the 0.214 kg block= ?

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    v₁₀=4.7 m/s, m₁=0.107 kg;
    v₂₀=6.8 m/s, m₂=0.214 kg
    v₁=? v₂=?
    v₁= {2m₂v₂₀ +(m₁-m₂)v₁₀}/(m₁+m₂)
    v₂={ 2m₁v₁₀ + (m₂-m₁)v₂₀}/(m₁+m₂)

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