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6th grade Math

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Action movies make up to 85% of Devon's movie collection if he has 20 movies how many action movies are in Devon's collection?

I am not good with story problems!

  • 6th grade Math -

    Change 85% to a decimal which is 0.85 and then times it by 20:

    0.85*20 = ?

    You times them together and you'll get your answer. Hope I helped!

  • 6th grade Math -

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  • 6th grade Math -


  • Math -

    Make a proportion, and then make 85% into a fraction which is 85 over 100. Then make 20 int a fraction with a variable as the denominator and if you see that 20 can not go In to 85%. Then you cross multiply....I hope that helped a little

  • 6th grade Math -

    Cross multiply.
    x X 100 = 100x
    85 X 20= 1700
    Now divide 1700 by 100
    1700 divided by 100=17
    17 is your answer.

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