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Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of an angle in standard position if the point with coordinates (12, 5) lies on its terminal side?
Please explain how!

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    I know the answer but I don't understand the process. ! If you could explain the process without the answers?!

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    plot the point (12,5) and join it to the origin.
    draw a vertical line from the point to the x-axis
    You now have a right-angled triangle with a base (x) of 12 and a height (y) of 5
    Using Pythagoras, we can find the hypotenuse
    h^2 = 12^2 + 5^2 = 169
    h = 13
    let the base angle be Ø

    You should have learned the following definitions
    sinØ = opposite/hypotenuse = 5/13
    cosØ = adjacent/hypotenus = 12/13
    tanØ = opposite/adjacent = 5/12

    of course ...
    cscØ = 13/5
    secØ = 13/12
    cotØ = 12/5

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