Subjects and Prepositions.

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What is the compound or simple subject and compound or simple predicate in each sentence? draw t
the line between the complete subject and complete predicate in each sentence.
1. People of all ages and abilities love sports.
2. More than 2 million athletes, representing 180 countries as well as all 50 American states , participate in the special Olympics.
3. The athletes who compete in the Special Olympics are both like and unlike other athletes.
4. Like all Olympics contestants, Special Olympians enjoy the thrill of competition and appreciate the special camaraderie of the games.
5. They train hard to do their best.
6. Each Special Olympian has some degree of mental retardation.
7.that single fact does not prevent a Special Olympian from enjoying sports, however.
8. The public and the media often overlook the heroic accomplishments of Special Olympians.
9. But these athletes understand the joy of sports.
10. Winning is important.
11. Bravery, determination, persistence, and good sportsmanship count for even more.

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    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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