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A telephone is anchored to the ground by a long cable called a guy wire, at a point 5 meters from the base of the pole, the wire makes an angle of 72.5 degrees with the horizontal. What is the length of the guy wire?

HELP ASAP! I forgot how to compute for this (Pythagorean Theorem) D:

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    We don't need Pythagorus, we need trig.

    let the height be h

    h/5 = tan 72.5°
    h = 5tan 72.5 = appr 15.858 m

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    Thank you so much!

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    A telephone pole anchored to the ground by a cable called guy wire at a point of 5m from the base of the pole. The wire make an angle of 72.5 with the horizontal. WHAT IS THE LENGTH OF THE GUY WIRE AND WHAT IS THE HEIGHT OF THE POLE WHERE THE GUY WIRE IS ATTACHED TO? THANKS!

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